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June 2009

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ancient marriner

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The Writer's Role

One more thing, my loves... lets get some talking going on in here.

The writer's role... (I've started a little of this on my own special blog)... can the writer's role be a selfish one, to write only for themselves, fulfiling their own personal desires, using writing as a therapy, or do we in fact have some kind of duty, as writers, to speak what needs to be heard....



epiphany? or possibly ramblings...

you know i think you may have hit soemthing there. or maybe i have just made up soemthing in the reading of yours... if it makes any sense, you claim it, i take full responsability for the nonsense!
Yes: we write to clear our heads, we write because we must, because it is some sort of exorcism or need to get our thoughts and opinions down on paper.
but point two is the one I like: The reader.
How fascinating it is to peak into someone else's mind, I suppose that's all what livejournal is, seeing into that part of other people that we do not regularly see from day to day... it is the moment of revelation when we look into someone's life and realise... that they, are simply us, in a different place...
The writer's role is to amuse, educate, sympathize, educate, to do whatever one can do to make the reader think or react or live a little more. I think it's also important to be as accurate as possible, to do your research and don't write something off - you'll lose your reader.
amuse... educate... sympathize... oh dear do i ever do that? I must make more of an effort!
My dear my I say- and this is entirely irrelevant to presant discussion other than that it is hear convenient, but that is a terribly pretty avatar!
Well, it's my opinion and what I try to do as a writer. But probably each artist has their own task.

I love my avatar too. I have several, but keep coming back to this one. I love all of Maxfield Parrish's art. You can see more here: http://www.goodart.org/artofmp.htm
I went over to the site and I have to say I do like his art very much indeed. Are you familiar with the work of David Delamer? Somewhat similar but more on the mermaids and magic side of things!